Oct 13, 2017
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 RTI Act

The RTI Act,2005 is the citizens right to seek information against a government body.

What is the RTI Act?

The Right To Information Act, empowers people to attain information, so as to secure a corrupt-free, transparent and accountable working of government bodies.  The RTI Act, mandates timely responses to any citizen seeking information.  The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions took the initiative to set up a portal for citizens requiring prompt information.

About the RTI Act

Every public authority has to maintain a computerized version of all records, making it accessible over a network anywhere, anytime in the country. The applicant (citizen) receives the information quickly and easily.

Every public authority should frequently furnish the essential information regarding the various developments of a government.  This helps in keeping, the usage of the RTI Act, to the bare minimum.

How to file RTI Application?

Filing of an RTI application

Any person, desiring to obtain information shall submit a written or electronic request in English or Hindi or in the official language of the State area to the Central Public Information Officer or his/her counterpart at the state level.

Applicant does not have to give any reason or share any of his personal details for filing an RTI application. However, he has to submit his contact details, for the authorities to issue to him the requested information.

The information requested will be provided in the form sought for – . Information is also provided via email, however, it should not damage the original documents.

An authority is not under an obligation to provide any information that might hurt the sovereignty and integrity of India. Also, Foreign Government, cabinet papers, or  information restricted by any court forbids sharing.

The RTI Act, takes a notable step in ensuring the citizens right to information. As a result of which citizens are not mislead or deceived.  Moreover, it serves as a great tool for enhancing participatory democracy among citizens to act together.

Moreover, the RTI Act application  process is simple and sturdy that every citizen should utilize in totality. Therefore, citizens should take advantage of this, to invoke a corrupt-free govt.

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