Sep 28, 2017
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How to Search Trademark in India?

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Search Trademark in India

Search Trademark is the first step for a business to file for registration of their trademarks.  You can search trademark, find out trademark status and file for trademark registration at the Official Trademark Registrar website, Trademarks might be the brand name, business name or industry design or standard of the business. Any business can apply for a trademark including startups, small and medium enterprises and large corporations. The search trademark guidelines in this article will help to make your trademark search easy and fast.

For directly searching the Trademark Status and Search Trademark details, you can go directly to the Search page.

Understanding your Search Interface

Search Trademark in India

Search Trademark in India

Search Interface is divided in 3 Parts

  1. Categories: 

    You can select from three different Categories

    1. Wordmark (word related)

    2. Device Mark (design related)

    3. Phonetic (sound-related)

  2. Criteria, Keyword and Condition

    Criteria refine your search. It changes on the selection of Categories.


    2. For DEVICE MARK you have {‘VIENNA CODE’, ‘CLASS’}

    3. For PHONETIC you have {‘WORDMARK’, ‘CLASS’}

    PHONETIC search produces the result for WORDMARK sounding similar. So it may take long time to give result.

    ‘CLASS’ criterion is common to all categories and is compulsory to enter. You can look up for Classes through ‘Class Details’ link.

    In condition dropdown list you can either select ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ to precise your search.

  3. Search button option

After entering keywords & selecting your conditions click on ‘Start Search’ button.

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