Oct 27, 2017
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Cyber Crime: Cyber Attack In India

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India has ranked fifth most vulnerable country in terms of cyber security breaches in the world in 2016, after the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia by Symantec’s Internet cyber Security Threat Report of 2017.  According to the report the US made at the top of the list for “both the number of breaches by country and the number of identities stolen by country. This article talks about Cyber Attack in India and also the measures taken to curb the crime as well as other preventive cyber attack in India.

Cyber Attack Meaning

A Cyber Attack consider an attack initiated from a computer against a website, computer system or individual computer (collectively, a computer) that compromises the confidentiality, integrity or availability of the computer or information stored on it.

The definition has three distinct factors:

[1] Attack or an illegal attempt to [2] gain something from a [3] computer system.

Generally speaking, a system is a collection of units that work collectively towards a common goal. Thus, whether it is a single or a collection of computers – offline or online (websites/intranets), it is a system as they work to facilitate something or the other.  Even a single computer has many components that work together for a common goal and hence called a computer system.

The main factor is illegal access to such a system. The second factor is target system. The final factor is gains to the attacker. It should thus noted that illegal access must have a motive to compromise the target system, in a way that the attacker gains something, such as information stored in the system, or the total control of the system.

Prevention of Cyber Attacks

The primary things to be done are to use a good security software, that not only scans for virus, but also looks for different types of malware, including but not limited to ransom-ware, and stops it from entering the computer. Mostly these malicious codes are injected into your computers by visiting or downloading things from non-reputed websites, Drive-by downloads, compromised websites that display malicious advertising also known as Malvertising.

Along with the antivirus, you should use a good firewall. While the built-in firewall in Windows 10/8/7 is good, you can use third party firewalls that you feel are stronger than the default Windows Firewall.

If a corporate computer network, make sure there is no Plug and Play support in any of the user computers. That is, employees should not be able to plug in Flash drives or their own Internet dongles into the USB. The IT department of the company should also keep a watch on all the network traffic. Using a good network traffic analyzer helps in prompt attendance to strange behaviors arising out of any terminal (employee computer).

For protection against DDoS attacks, website however better mitigated to different servers, instead of hosting simply on a single server. The best method would be to have a mirror constantly up using a cloud service. That will greatly reduce the chances of a DDoS being successful – not for a long time at least. Use a good firewall like Sucuri and take some basic steps to protect and secure your website.


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