Dec 25, 2017
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Public Information Officer Under Right To Information Act, 2005

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Public Information Officer (PIO) Under Right To Information Act, 2005

Public Information Officers appointed by the state information commission to provide information to the citizens. If Public Information officer needs any assistance from any officer, shall render such assistance for discharging its duty and purpose of the Act.   “State Public Information Officer” means the State PIO designated under subsection(1) and includes a State Assistant Public Information Officer designated as such under sub-section (2) of section 5.

Duties Of Public Information Officer

Following are the duties of public information officer:

  • Public Information Officer shall deal with requests from the citizen who needs information. If request is not in writing, provide reasonable assistance to concerned person to reduce the same in writing.
  • Information requested connected to the functions of another public information officer, shall transfer within 5 days, to the concerned public information officer.
  • Public Information Officer may take the help of another PIO for discharging its duties.
  • On receiving the request for information, POI shall immediately within 30 days from receipt of request, either provide information or reject it under section 8 and 9.
  • The information requested contains information which concerns the life or liberty of a person,  shall be provided within forty-eight hours of the receipt of the request.
  • If rejected, provide reason and also the period within which an appeal against such rejection and the particulars of the Appellate Authority.
  • PIO shall provide information in the form so prescribed unless it harms the safety of record in question.

If allowing partial access, the PIO shall give a notice to the applicant, informing:

  1.  part of the record requested, after checking that it is exempt from disclosure, is being provided;
  2. the reasons for the decision, any findings on question of fact;
  3. the name and also designation of the person giving the decision;
  4. details of the fees calculated and the amount of fee the applicant need to deposit;
  5. rights with respect to review of the decision regarding non-disclosure of part of the information;
  6. also amount of fee charged or the form of access provided.

 Designation of Public Information Officers

  • Every public authority shall, within one hundred days of the enactment of this Act, designate as many officers as the Central Public Information Officers or State PIOs, as the case may be, in all administrative units or offices.
  • Every public authority shall designate an officer, within one hundred days of the enactment of this Act. At each sub-divisional level or other sub-district level as a Central Assistant PIO and also a State Assistant PIO. To receive the applications for information or appeals.
  • Every Central PIO or State PIO, shall deal with requests of information from person and render reasonable assistance to the persons.

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